1959 - 2015

Allahyarham YBhg. Dato’ Dr. Raja Mohamad Abdullah

The man behind the OIC International Business Centre and Ramcel Media is its founder cum Managing Director Dato’ Dr.Raja Mohamad Abdullah.

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of communication and marketing backing him, Dato’ Raja has been singly responsible in positioning the company towards growth.

His vision is to one day see Malaysian companies portray themselves as professional and reliable entities, respected by both local and international communities.

Realising that there is an enormous lack of information dissemination among Islamic countries, Dato’ Raja strives to encourage and expand business networking opportunities for Muslims through his very own magazine – OIC Today.

Dato’ Raja not only aims to make OIC Today a successful magazine but also has the intention of turning the magazine into a global publication, which will supply the much needed information to the Muslim business communities.

There are not many magazines that can claim to have achieved such standards but OIC Today and other publications by Ramcel Media are bound to break these records and reap more successes.

Dato’ Raja is also a fervent believer in employee competency and ensures that all his employees attain constant training to upgrade themselves with the latest skills to meet the challenging demands of our progressive clients.

Being a giver, Dato’ Raja is also actively involved in charitable and social activities and has a wide network of contacts in various professions and businesses.